Space Robotics Group

University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies


The Space Robotics Group has access to some of the best facilities at UTIAS:


Space Robotics Office

The office functions as a general workspace for group members. Each graduate student has their own personal personal area and desk to perform thesis or coursework.

The room also serves as a general meeting area for lab projects as well as a presentation area for the Space Robotics Group.


Space Robotics Computing Lab

This lab provides the members of the Space Robotics Group space for a number of tasks. Primarily, it is a computing facility that houses the group's servers and computer cluster which is used to run simulations.

It also provides an area to perform experiments involving small rovers (in the photo colour markers can be seen on the ground for resource allocation testing).

Finally, this room also has a set of lab benches for circuit analysis and testing.


Space Robotics Lab

This area functions as a general workspace and maintenance area for large rovers (which are usually tested outdoors or in the MarsDome, but can also perform in large space within). A full compliment of tools and fabrication materials are located here to assist in fabrication/testing/repair of these large rovers.

The large testing area is shared with a fellow UTIAS group, the Autonomous Space Robotics Lab. Together, we share a 10 camera Vicon positioning system which can be used for very accurate localization.


UTIAS MarsDome
The MarsDome is a 1,100 m2 fully enclosed testing facility located on the UTIAS campus. Essentially, it is a large dome whose interior has been modified to simulate the surface of Mars using various terrestrial materials to create hills, valleys, and other obstacles. The MarsDome is operated year-round by several groups at UTIAS. Also, some members from industry frequently use the MarsDome to test their own rovers and prototypes.